Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Trasnfer data from database to another database of firebird
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:12 PM 5/04/2007, you wrote:

>For example say DB1 and DB2. DB2 is a copy of DB1. Only difference is
>that DB1 is having records and DB2 is empty. Now I am trying to write
>a query from which I can insert a particular record from DB1 to DB2. I
>have written following query
>"Insert Into [DB2].Table1 select * from Table1 where ID = 10;"
>Is it possible to cross - database access through query?
>which is supported by oracle and MS-Sqlserver.


>Can firebird support or not?

Database namespaces are not supported.

However, you can write a datapump tool, or use an existing one, to
connect to the two databases simultaneously and stream the output of
a query on a table in one database as parameterised inserts into the
corresponding table in the other, in a single (cross-database)
transaction. There are several such tools around.