Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.0 embedded backups
Author Stefan Heymann
>>I am trying to use gbak or nbackup(preferred) to do a backup of a
>>firebird 2.0 database which is embedded.

>> ...

>> Do either of the backup tools work with embedded servers?

> I don't know if they do or not, but it looks like they don't.

GBAK works with Embedded. GBAK.exe must be in the same directory
as fbclient.dll (that was renamed from fbembed.dll). It will throw
an error if the database is already connected by the application. So
what you must do is:
- disconnect your application from the database
- call GBAK
- wait until GBAK is finished
- re-connect your application to the database

For user convenience, you could redirect GBAK's output to your
application (note that GBAK writes to STDERR, not STDOUT) or instruct
GBAK to write its output to a log file (-y switch).

Embedded doesn't have a security database, but it still checks users
so you must provide a username and password for the backup. Like
Magnus suggested, I would provide the complete path to the database
and backup file:

gbak -v -t -user sysdba -password masterke C:\DB\myDB.fdb C:\DB\myDB.fbk

Best Regards