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The downside to using a script is that you have to pass the parameters (username and password), at least in my case, as clear text. This creates a potential security problem. In addition, to run the job as a scheduled task, you have to specify a user. You can use the built-in SYSTEM account. Another thing is that the firebird server needs to be running.

I'm mentioning this, as we had a similar situation. We're running FB 1.5.3 and needed to run an unattended backup. Our configuration was such that the firebird server couldn't be run as a service - we support platforms from 98 thru Vista and 98 doesn't support services. We wanted to have only 1 configuration for our application environment, so we chose the least common denominator and went from there. Bottom line, we ended up writing an application that is a scheduled task, which was run using the SYSTEM account. This scheduled task checked for the firebird server, and if it wasn't running, it started it, ran the backup (gbak), and stopped the service. Internally, the application simply calls CreateProcess, but with appropriate parameters, the parameters to gbak aren't exposed. Looked into some of the other packages mentioned in other posts, and decided that we'd stick with the native gbak utility.

Hope this helps.

Pete Turner.

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Subject: [firebird-support] Batabase automatic backup

Hello everybody.
I need to do automatic db backups, I mean, I need to backup every day at 10 pm, I am using GBAK but it is not automatic. Is there some app which allows me to programm my backups?

Thanks in advance,
William GS

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