Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database File Size

In case of FB1.5 the real limit that you could see was the max size of a
single table (about 36GB) but in case of FB2 this limit has gone.

I worked with FB1.5 databases of more than 40-50GB. I can't say about
bigger because of 36GB limit. I didn't experience any problems, you just
need to be very careful when selecting indices. With big db you will
have to be patient when doing backup restore because it will take so
much time that you will hardly believe.

In case of db of 20GB+, FB2 seems to be much, much, much faster :)

To get nice performance check your db design and than go for fast disks
preferably in fast RAID configuration.


Leyne, Sean napisaƂ(a):
>> I am running FB 2.0 on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. Is anyone
> aware
>> of a file size limitation or recommendation for the database that
> would
>> lend itself towards better performance. Right now I am using a single
>> file for the DB and it is a little over 8 GB.
> There is no filesize limit for FB. I have heard of 100GB databases
> without any problems.
> And a single file is the best in terms of database mobility. The
> secondary file support was originally developed when RAID system hadn't
> really been developed and when the notion of a multi-terabyte disk
> volume was a dream. Though it works, is has some issues which affect
> database maintenance tasks and general mobility.
> Sean