Subject Re: SELECT ONLY database query performance
Author Adam
Thanks Vlad,

> a) you must not perform more than one isc_attach_database call
> simultaneously (from different threads)
> b) you must not perform more than one operation one the same
> attachment simultaneously
> Simplest (but not only) way to satisfy this requirements is to
> isc_attach_database calls with critical section (or mutex) and operate
> one the some attachment within the single thread

No problems, I will make some precautionary changes then. In my
application you would have to be statistically very unlucky to ever
run into that issue, but good to know.

> > If so, what is the scope (system-wide mutex) or is an application wide
> > critical section sufficient.
> Application wide. It is related with some inner details of
client library
> I not quite sure that attach synchronization is required for
> but it can't hurt performance if your application make something else
> except of connect\disconnect ;)

Do you mean disconnect calls (eg TIBDatabase.Close) should also be
serialised in the same way as attach calls?