Subject Re: [firebird-support] SQL Timestamp
Author ian

Lester Caine wrote:
> Anybody have a sensible way of converting an SQL timestamp into
> something I can use in Firebird.
Do you mean a timestamp value from SQLServer? A SQLServer timestamp is
not a date/time value as defined in the SQL92 standard, or as used in
Firebird. If this is the case, do not rely on this value to indicate an
accurate "time", for indentifying when something happed.
> 2005-02-03T15: 30:00+01: 00 is being provide by the raw feed, and I need
> to convert it to an internal UTC timestamp in the database.
> SUBSTRING( :TS FROM 1 FOR 10 ) || ' ' || SUBSTRING( :TS FROM 12 FOR 8 )
> may be workable, if I ignore the offset, but I'm sure someone must have
> hot this problem already?
Sorry, not me, I do not use timestamps in SQLServer.