Subject Re: SELECT ONLY database query performance
Author Adam
--- In, "thefourie2000" <cfourie@...>
> Hey Adam...
> Hardware wise the box is an AMD X2 3800, 1GB Memory and single SATA
> disk. I've not seen the box use much memory so I assume the only
> possible problem can lie with the single SATA disk. What would you
> say is a fair spec for a high load select server like this.

Unfortunately I do not have a crystal ball. What you define is really
a 'workstation level' not server level. I don't really know enough
about your environment, but I suspect that 200 simultaneous read
requests will really thrash your hard drive. Proper database servers
usually have RAID to compensate for thrashing.

Just a hunch, but perhaps you could experiment hosting your database
on a usb2 flash drive and measure it again. Flash memory does not have
the expensive seek time (though throughput is slower).