Subject Re: Fw: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 Installation - Windows Vista
Author Adam
--- In, "Brad Lee" <blwf@...> wrote:
> I have successfully gotten Firebird 1.5 to install and work properly on
> Windows Vista Business using the Firebird install. However, I am in
> need of an embedded installation guide. Does anyone know where I can
> locate this?

The readme is in the embedded kits in the doc folder. That should
explain what goes where and what needs renaming.

> Also, what command can I use to create and install
> Firebird.exe as a Windows Vista Service? Any help resolving this issue
> and getting it embedded in my installation will be greatly
> appreciated.

Please explain your question? From your first sentence, it appears you
have already been able to get Firebird 1.5 to 'install and work
properly'? Do you mean you are running it as an application?

Disclaimer: I have only just received our MSDN subscription with Vista
and am looking for a suitable machine to test with, so below is all
based on other peoples comments:

The only issue I am aware of with Firebird and Vista specifically is
that the control panel applet can cause problems. You should be able
to install it without that applet though, just untick the box in the
installer, and use services.msc (or wherever they have moved that to
if it doesn't exist) to start and stop the service.