Subject RE: [firebird-support] Tcp-wrapper support
Author Leyne, Sean

> AFAICT, the "problem" is that Rick wants the ability to use TCP wrap
> to fiddle about with the network settings during runtime, log
> requests, IP addresses, whatever. From what I understand, TCP wrap
> requires the executable to have a porthole to the application, that
> it doesn't have now.

Thank you for the translation/clarification.

> What you are saying about xinetd is all well
> and good for Classic, which doesn't even concern itself with handling
> network requests. Since xinetd already has this porthole, for
> Classic it's a non-issue.

Then, all Rick needs to do is run Classic and he can have tcp wrappers!

> This topic doesn't belong here in the support list at all. It should
> be taken to Firebird-architect *forthwith*.

If this we are question about how could tcp wrapper be implemented/added
to the engine, I would completely agree.

But in this case, this can be seen as a configuration (aka support) much
issue, since there is an option available which would address Rick's

Accordingly, I think moving this discussion to Architect is not quite
appropriate given the context/content so far.