Subject RE: Re[2]: [firebird-support] delphi VS firebird's components - the palette named "Interbase Admin" ref/eDN2022857063
Author Alan McDonald
> Halo Andi Wangsadijaya,
> On 22 Februari 2007 jam 3:30:16, You wrote:
> > no no no... just use the legacy client which is also generated when you
> > install FB2. It can be named gds32.dll with a version number
> recognised by
> > the IBX components.
> > OR
> > open the source of the admin components and remove the test for the
> > gds32.dll version number. This list has several messages
> pertaining to this
> > recommended change.
> > Alan
> I've tried to use instclient.exe to patch the version file, but still
> it didn't help. And, I can't recompile the IBX component, cause I
> don't have a package file of IBX. :(
> ---
> Best Regards,
> Andi Wangsadijaya

do a search on gds32.dll. You're likely to have several copies lying around
on your path. Make sure they are all removed and that the patched one (make
sure it's patched by looking at the version properties to see version 6.
etc) is the only one visiible on the path.