Subject Re: Problem in Bulk Insertion in Firebird
Author Manish Lal Joshi
--- In, "Ivan Prenosil"
<Ivan.Prenosil@...> wrote:
> > 2. Then i inserted values in my original table (tb1) like
> > INSERT INTO tb1 SELECT TRIM(TRAILING '\0' FROM col1),col2 .. from
> > But while executing this query i got following problem after few
> > minutes....
> > I/O error for file fseek "D:\TEMP\dump.txt" Error while trying to open
> > file.
> > Info: My dump.txt file is almost 3 GB.
> Size of external table file is limited to 2GB.
Thanks anyways.. i also discovered the thing ...
Thanks for all the support
Excellent FORUM, i must say