Subject Re: [firebird-support] nBackup tests
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Alex,

> I've read these comments about nbackup performance:

I really don't understand why Dmitri chooses to use the word "myth"
here. Nbackup doesn't promise you any magic. It just claims to be able
to back up databases "at hardware speed" - which is true.

> So, I'd like to ask you about experiences using this tool. Is that
> slow on big databases?

It depends on what you call slow. The bigger the database, the more
time it takes. The slower the system, the more time it takes. The more
processes you have competing for disk access... etc. etc.

I suggest you try it out with a database that has the kind of size
that *you* are likely to use, on *your* hardware.

If it takes 1,5 hours to nbackup such a database, then hourly backups
are indeed impossible (unless you upgrade your hardware).

If it takes nbackup 1,5 hours and a straight file copy (make sure
there are no connections, or use nbkackup -l) is done in 15 minutes,
then there's a problem with nbackup.

Did you also read Sean's comments on the page?

Paul Vinkenoog