Subject RE: [firebird-support] Maximum speed of firebird database
Author Leyne, Sean

> I have fiebird 1.5.4, database about 20GB, 2xXeon 3GHz,2GB RAM and I
> need to make calculations by stored procedure on 100k records table
> with many necessary calculations on fev additional tables. It spends
> about an hour.

I recently had a problem were an SP wasn't using indexes and ended up
reading 800,000,000 records in a non-indexed manner!!! And that only
took 34 minutes!

Once I found the right index I was able to get the SP to run in 12

So, you definitely don't have things optimized.

Let's start by reviewing the PLANs generated for each of the queries
inside the procedure.

Please post the queries and the PLAN generated.