Subject Re: How to know when an index has become unbalanced?
Author atlioddsson
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> atlioddsson wrote:
> > The subject pretty much sums up the question, "How to know when an
> > index has become unbalanced?"
> >
> The short answer is that Firebird indexes basically don't go out
> of balance. If you took a really bad data structures course in
> the early dark ages of computer science, you may have seen indexes
> that grew at the bottom and developed some branches that were
> much longer than others.

I guess it's more my memory's fault than the courses I took 10 years
ago :)

Anyhow, I'm mostly doing inserts in the case I was thinking about so
this is apparently a non-issue for me (and in most cases in general).

Thanks a lot, you have explained this perfectly for me :)