Subject Re: Curious about Index deletion
Author Manish Lal Joshi
I messed up with the table name and field name too.
Sorry for that.

WORD => W1
you are correct heLen.
WHF (ID,W1,F1) table cant contain primary columns but i can make all
of them NOT NULL. and still i want to query like this:
select ID from WHF where W1 IN('a','b','c'...) order by F1 DESC;
How should i index the table..?
Would it be like
(a) create index id_index on WHF(ID);
(b) create desc index f1_index on WHF(F1);
(c) create index w1_index on WHF(W1);

Is this okai..?

Another query....

If FB creates index at runtime, how is it managing for huge tables.
I am just curious about it..?
Also after my first post i noticed that when i tried to insert new
index information in my table then it does something like trying to
copy the database into temp. I actually noticed its name and size
fb_sort_9cljjl 955MB
fb_sort_czhojl 700MB +
So the application stopped as there was no memory in my primary drive.
Also according to you it must be trying to update its structure of
index pages. But 955 + 700 MB is huge space occupied for 1.86 GB of
total data.
How is this happening..?

And lastly i will assume you havent wrote me those last sentences..

Do reply