Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: how can we convert a Interbase 7.5 database back to Firebird
Author Alan McDonald
> > I think your only option is to create a metadata backup of 7.5,
> Create a new
> > shell of FB2. Then use something like Clever Components DataPump to
> pump the
> > data over.
> > Alan
> >
> We should be able to at least use IB6 gbak to back up with IB7.5
> running. Then restore in FB2.

why would this be possible? I don't use IB7.5 but there must be quite a few
features in it that an IB6 backup would not know how to handle - surely.

> Can't seem to do this either.
> The Database is nearly 160 GB not really possible to Datapump.

might take a while but if you used the embedded server on both source and
target, the throughput would be very fast.

> Regards,
> Robert.