Subject RE: [firebird-support] how can we convert a Interbase 7.5 database back to Firebird
Author Alan McDonald
> When we try to restore from a backup created by Interbase 7.5 GBAK it
> gets to restoreing the first stored procceedure before it dies.
> If we try to backup a Interbase 7.5 database using GBAK from Firebird
> 1.5 or 2 or even the Interbase 6 they get no where.
> We are coming to a real road block here
> Has any one done this before?
> Kind Regards,
> Robert.

I'm sort of not surprised - it's getting to be like "I can't restore an
Oracle database using Firebird gbak - Why not?"

I think your only option is to create a metadata backup of 7.5, Create a new
shell of FB2. Then use something like Clever Components DataPump to pump the
data over.