Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: SURVIVING SERVER DOWNTIME
Author James N Hitz
Adam wrote:
> --- In, James N Hitz <jamhitz@...> wrote:
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> Well you can not deal with 'client downtime'. If the register isn't
> working, it isn't working. What you can handle is comms problems and
> server problems.
as is expected of course
> I don't think client-server is an appropriate methodology for a cash
> register. It is inherently unreliable, reliable enough for most
> problems, ....<snip>
> There are third party tools to handle replication, or it is reasonably
> trivial to handle yourself using triggers to keep track of changes.
I can "visualise" using replication but triggers as a solution towards
this problem is a bit grey for me. an example of such a trigger perhaps
would help shed some light?
> Adam