Subject Re: Current Transaction
Author Adam
--- In, "marco.rego" <marco.rego@...>
> Howdy! Please help this newbie here.
> My question is how to process something in the current transaction, for
> example, how to perform a select/insert/update/delete using the current
> transaction but without knowing it (I don't have access to the
> transaction object).
> I hope this question makes sense.

Not really. There is no such thing as the 'current transaction' of
Firebird looking from the outside. Firebird is a multi-user,
multi-connection, multi-transaction database server. If you throw a
query at Firebird and say here, run this in the current transaction,
it can not even know which of the active transactions you are talking

There are some connectivity components that try to dumb down
transactions, but I would be very surprised if .net was one of them.
There is always the .net list though if you have a question specific
to the .net components (link from the page).

Why don't you have access to the transaction object?