Subject Re: making FB 2.0 database compatible with FB 1.5 engine
Author Adam
--- In, "d_dude_2003"
<d_dude_2003@...> wrote:
> I tried to use FB 2.0 database file on 1.5 engine and it doesnt work,
> saying
> ERROR: invalid request BLR at offset 960
> BLR syntax error: expected TABLE at offset 960, encountered 67
> I tried to backup/restore the DB on FB 1.5 but its the same error.
> Is there a way to make it working or i have to recreate the DB from
> script on 1.5?

Firebird 1.5 can not use a Firebird 2.0 database file because the
format has been changed. The format had to be changed to support new
features. If you are not using new features, then the database can be
downgraded using the following procedure:

Install Firebird 2
Get a copy of the gbak.exe from the Firebird 1.5 kit.
Rename the gbak.exe in Firebird 2 to gbak2.exe
Copy the gbak.exe from 1.5 into your 2.0 folder.
Backup the database using gbak.exe.
Uninstall Firebird 2
Install Firebird 1.5
Restore the backup file from earlier.