Subject Re: Processing thru blobs very slow
Author nols_smit
--- In, "nols_smit" <nols@...> wrote:
> Delphi 7, IBX 7.08 and FireBird 1.5.3 refers

> I process thru the table using the code mentioned below. It processes
> about 3 seconds if I process only the VarChar field. Halfway thru the
> table, it comes to a virtual standstill if I include any blob field in
> the processing. Any idea what's going on?

I found the culprit: IBX
I again did the test using FIBPlus trail version and experienced no
problems at all. My load speed, on a Pentium 3.4, was 2000 and the
read speeds 6000 records per second for the 100K records. The test
included the two blob fields in the same record.

Nols Smit