Subject Re: Firebird and Windows - TCPIP KeepAliveTime, question for Geoff Worboys
Author guillemvic
--- In, "Mike" <xsaero00@...> wrote:
> > So I am experimenting with 5 minute timeouts on the problem
> > Firebird server and we will see how it goes. If all goes well
> > at 5 minutes I may even try dropping it back to 2 minutes.

5 minutes can be long or not depending on the amount of data you
transmit and the number of active computers in the LAN. If you're
transferring in the order of KB/sec it's too long (or your LAN has a
lot of traffic). If you transmit in the order of up until 10-50 MB/sec
it may be ok. If you transmit more it probably will be short.

A FE has a nominal speed of 100 Mbps, which is 12,5 MBps. Real maximum
speed without LAN saturation will be a fraction of this (not sure how
much but I think around 50-60%).

> >
> <snip text>
> So is there any downsides to setting keep alive to a short period?
> I want to set timeout to even shorter value of 30 seconds.
> My problem is that my internet provider's network appliances are "too
> smart" and they close idle connections real fast. At least thats what
> I suspect.

for Internet connections that is *not* a good idea. Keep in mind you
never know how the connection with the destiny is established. It may
go only through a few nodes, but it also may go through a lot of
nodes. Just as an example, usually you want to set 90 sec as min
timeout for a POP3 connection (and that's not a database connection).

Hope that helps,