Subject Re: Firebird and Windows - TCPIP KeepAliveTime, question for Geoff Worboys
Author Mike
I have a similar problem at hand and I want to know what you found out.

> So I am experimenting with 5 minute timeouts on the problem
> Firebird server and we will see how it goes. If all goes well
> at 5 minutes I may even try dropping it back to 2 minutes.
> I've still not found anything that discusses any potential
> downsides to reducing this timeout. I am guessing that too
> short would increase network overheads, but how low is too
> low is probably very network specific. Is there anything else
> wrong with a low timeout? I guess I may find them in the
> coming weeks. :-)
> --
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing

So is there any downsides to setting keep alive to a short period?

I want to set timeout to even shorter value of 30 seconds.
My problem is that my internet provider's network appliances are "too
smart" and they close idle connections real fast. At least thats what
I suspect.

If anyone else know anything about it please respond. Thank you.