Subject Re: 1.8Gb database performance issues
Author mailgroupza
Hi Set / Alan

>So: What happens if you take a backup/restore of the database? Is the
>restored database slow when accessing it through your application?

>1) If yes, then I suspect suboptimal queries. Have you added or
>any indexes (making them inactive counts as removing) lately or
>some queries? Any particular query that is slow? Have your database
>grown substantially so that queries now have to do considerably more

No queries have changed for a while now
All indexes are active
No the db has not grown so that the queries need to do more work
though we have added a table that grows app 1000 records per day
but is 99.9% inserts very little selects

>2) If no, then I suspect poor transaction handling. What is your
>statistics, is there a big gap between oldest interesting/active and
>next transaction?

Page size 4096
ODS version 10.1
Oldest transaction 123867
Oldest active 135048
Oldest snapshot 129882
Next transaction 144569
Bumped transaction 1

>Please report back your findings and - if the problem remains -
>you are using SuperServer or Classic.


>I take it that you've not changed server or operating system lately.