Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Multi core CPU's and FB 2.0 embedded
Author Werner F. Bruhin
Adam wrote:
> --- In, "Werner F. Bruhin"
> <werner.bruhin@...> wrote:
>> Hi Helen,
>> Helen Borrie wrote:
>>> At 01:40 AM 6/02/2007, you wrote:
>>>> I didn't see a response to my earlier question, so I'll put the
> question
>>>> a bit different.
>>>> Does one have to set the "CpuAffinityMask" setting in
> firebird.conf for
>>>> a Pentium D or other multi core CPU's when using FB 2.0 Embedded?
>>> It's set at CPU 0 (value 1) by default. Leave it as is unless you
>>> want the single-CPU affinity to be to a different one.
>> Is there any problem having that setting active (removing the comment
>> marker) for a machine having a single CPU?
> Unless you have a reason you want to change it, don't.
Putting the question differently. Does embedded server assume default
CpuAffinityMask=1 if there is no such setting in the firebird.conf (or
if it is commented out)?

Just a bit more background, the app is a small shareware application
(for personal wine cellars) and performance is no issue at all.

However I have a user out there who is experiencing a "hang" when he
runs reports and he has a Pentium D. The firebird.conf file my
installer puts on the system does not activate the "CpuAffinitMask=1" line.

My users are mostly "computer novices" so I have to set this
automatically and the easiest would be to just set it to
"CpuAffinityMask=1" without worrying if there is a multi core machine
present or not. However if this causes a problem on a single core
machine then I obviously have to make my installer smarter (will have to
find out how to do this with InnoSetup) and set for a multi core machine
or leave it commented for a single core machine.