Subject Re: Delphi and transactions
Author Robin Cumming
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> Questions :
> - Is Delphi 7 with FB2.0 OK?
> - Is the mixing of Updates, inserts and multiple selects in a stored
> procedure acceptable ? Or should I break these up into 3 separate
> stored procedures ?
> - Should I be implementing transactions within the stored procedure as
> well e.g. a transaction for updates, a transaction for the inserts,
> and a transaction for the selects ? Or does the Delphi based
> transaction handle all of this for me ?

Forgot to mention I have also tested the stored procedure via calls to
a php script using Apache Webserver, and the same issues arise. If I
run a single client connecting to the webserver, results are as
expected. When running multiple clients connecting to the
webserver/php script calls to the database appear to be lost.