Subject Re: CAST() as TimeStamp / Date need in regional setting
Author Bhavbhuti Nathwani

--- In, Richard Wesley <hawkfish@...>
> It sounds like you want to use the server's locale to format a date
> for display on the client side. Why not just get the date back from
> the server and format it using the client machine's locale? That way
> you can present the correctly data to all users, not just those with
> the same settings as the server.

The reason is I am creating a flat file containing narration, this
narration will contain date. The narration if done in the SELECT
statement will help me cater to the user requiring some additional
detail from the table of which the narration is derived. If I do it
on client side I will have to get in all the details of the table in
anticipation that the user may have changed the narration formatting

Hope I was able to explain what I am doing / is happening.

Thanks for your response.