Subject Re: [firebird-support] INTO clause is execute before SELECT
Author Milan Babuskov
kokok_kokok wrote:
> I use FB 2.0 and in a SP I get strange results. It really seems a FB bug:

Or maybe a bug in your connectivity library.

> select :acumunits + units,
> (:acumunits*:acumprice+price*units)/(:acumunits+units)
> from inventorytable
> where inventoryid=:inventoryid
> into :acumunits, :acumprice;

Firebird doesn't use :paramname, it uses ? as a placeholder for
parameters. It's your connectivity layer that translates :param to ?,
and probably 'gets lost in translation' :).

You should tell us what programing language and connectivity library you
are using (for example: Delphi/IBX) to investigate this issue
completely. I could still be a Firebird bug, but we can't tell for sure
until we know what is the exact SQL that goes to the engine.

Milan Babuskov