Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help with GSTAT output
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> This is from the GSTAT out from a Firebird 1.5 database (Windows
> Server)
> Generation 4503107
> Oldest transaction 1582359
> Oldest active 4503099
> Oldest snapshot 4503099
> Next transaction 4503100
> Could somebody tell me if this (especially the difference between
> "Oldest transaction" and "Oldest active") is:
> ( ) normal
> ( ) OK
> ( ) bad


Either a largish read-write transaction got rolled back or a transaction
is stuck in limbo (in a 2PC transaction).

As you have the sweep interval set to 20.000, the sweep should kick in,
because OAT - OIT > 20.000, but a sweep can do it's best job, if there
as less as possible active connections.


- does gfix report a transaction in limbo, and
- what happens if you run a manual sweep

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