Subject Error
Author Robert Zimmermann
Hello mates,
last week I got into some trouble with my Firebird2 database. During a longer update of a table through a procedure I got an error like "cosistency error, can't resume". This finally ended in a corrupted table (the one I was updating) and some strange database activity (cpu usage 100% for almost half an hour. The DB what that busy I were not able to work that time).
Finally I got it shut down and could recover most of the corrupted table data, but I'm really concerned of what went wrong. I've been the only connected user during the update. The statement that was beeing processed when the server crashed was something like:


Nothing special, no dirty tricks. Heres what the server log returns:

SHODAN (Client) Mon Nov 19 19:06:23 2007
Guardian starting: F:\Firebird_2_0\bin\fbserver.exe

SHODAN (Server) Mon Nov 19 21:45:28 2007
Database: RZFB
database file appears corrupt ()
wrong page type
page 3464 is of wrong type (expected 7, found 5)
internal gds software consistency check (error during savepoint backout (290), file: exe.cpp line: 3731)

SHODAN (Server) Mon Nov 19 21:46:20 2007
INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

SHODAN (Client) Mon Nov 19 22:11:31 2007
F:\Firebird_2_0\bin\fbserver.exe: normal shutdown

Any ideas?
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