Subject clarification requested
Author Quathiaski Software
I have been reading the firebird book by Helen.

I have read that views use the indexes of the tables that were used to make
up the view.

If I make a view that uses a view are the indexes used to make the second

The reason I'm asking is I have a sql query (in ibo objects) that does a
query on a view and joins it with a query on a table. This combined query
is very slow (7 to 20 seconds) even though the individual parts are quite
fast (<1s each)

I am not a guru at databases yet..., and I know that joining a table to
another increases the amount of data returned.

I guess what I'm really asking is ... would a stored procedure speed up a
table -> view join. I wrote the view in the first place because the data is
too complicated for me to get the data required back in a single query.