Subject Re: windows xp client slow connection
Author Adam
--- In, "johond" <johond@...> wrote:
> Hi, I have a fb db on a windows 2003 server and about 40 clients that
> work well.. one of those client have a strange behavior:
> when the windows xp try to connect to the db it work, but after 10 or
> 15 query have one query that it remain in stand by.. for about 20
> seconds.. after that it works well for other 10.. or 20.. or 30
> query.. and again it make a query and it stand by for other 20 seconds..
> what could be ?

If I understand you, you have a 2003 server with 40 clients
connecting. One of these clients is an XP box, which periodically has
a slow running query. I am afraid the symptoms are a bit too vague.
There is no code in Firebird that says

if (client=someclient) and (querycount>somenumber) then AddRandomDelay();

Obviously there must be a cause, but to get to the bottom of it you
are going to have to share some specifics. You could be looking at
environmental issues (hardware failure, dns failures, server loads,
etc) or database issues (garbage collection, bad plan selection by

1. Are each of these queries issued by the client the same, or are
they different?
2. Does this client issue the same queries as the other clients?
3. Have you checked the load on the server to make sure it has the
capacity to handle the client.
4. Tell us about the connection string you use at the problematic client.
5. Do any of your clients perform bulk updates or deletes, leaving the
responsibility of garbage collection to whoever finds it?
6. Do any of your clients abandon their connections ungracefully,
again leaving the responsibility of garbage collection to the next guy.
7. During these 20 second delays, is the server doing anything (check
both CPU and disk I/O through performance monitor)

There are a number of other avenues of investigation, but it seems a
bit pointless to go through them until we narrow down your problem.