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Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote: Ahmad wrote:
>>> I need to increase the speed of retreving data in my application, i am
>>> not developer but i know in general about firebird database and server.
>>> i am using firebird server 1.0 but it is soo slow (server action and
>>> local action), if i installed the new version of firebird engin is that will
>>> increase the speed.
>>> please tell me i need to do it quickly, and as i said i am not professional

>> Define "retrieving data". Is that transfering large amounts
>> of records across a network? Running specific queries?
>> What is it that you're trying to do?

> retrieving data i mean Running specific queries across network or
> any action in the application it self (local & on server)even users
> logining
> my application built on delphi with GDB firebird, every year it
> becomes slower than the prev. year, these days its boring (slow).

In order to use newer versions of FB, the Delphi application will need to be
rebuilt using newer libraries that can handle FB2. If THAT is not possible,
then the only option is to perhaps remove some legacy data, or alternatively
move the server to a faster computer?

It is unusual for a Firebird application to slow down simply due to amount of
data, so it may be that the original design was poor anyway. My own
applications are faster now despite several years worth of history - simply
because we have moved to faster servers over time.

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I already moved to a new Server IBM X3400 with 4GB RAM,, but still slow as before (No changes)

before time I did backup and restore my GDB using IBExpert2.5 for firebird , it was getting faster and the file size decreasing to 1/4 (140MB to about 34MB) , but after few days it starts slow down again, and size increasing,,,
should I make (back-up & Restore) every day?
anyway back-up & Restore is not very effective as much I need

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