Subject Re: [firebird-support] embedded 2.03 and gbak.exe ?
Author Woody
From: "Martijn Tonies" <m.tonies@...>
> Hi,
>> Can't use gbak.exe with embedded, what to do?
>> Woody told me this:
>> "Since there is no server running, gbak cannot attach to the services
>> manager to perform it's tasks. If you want to use actual FB/IB backup,
>> then use either the FB(IBO, etc.) or IB(IBX, etc) admin backup
>> components instead of gbak."
>> This sounds right to me after reading all I could about embedded.
>> q: IYO, What is the correct/best way to do backups when using embedded?
> Actually, this sounds incorrect.
> IBO or IBX use the Services API, which isn't running in Embedded.
> gbak, by default, creates a connection, but doesn't use the Services API.

I knew I answered this question too quickly. :) I was trying to explain it
that way. What I actually meant to say was that you can use the
backup/restore components (IBX or IBO) with the embedded client as long as
you rename it to gds32.dll (with IBO you can actually set a constant for the
name of the library) and use local protocol. It will then work correctly.
With gbak, it must access an actual server, IIRC.

Woody (TMW)