Subject Re: CAST() string as BLOB for use as a memo field in VFP
Author Bhavbhuti Nathwani
Hi Helen

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> The above example (assuming NoFld is a BIGINT) would go something like:

Thanks a lot for the complete example.

> 'Invoice no. ' ||
> RTRIM(CAST (NoFld as char(19))) ||
> ' dtd. ' ||
> CAST (EXTRACT (DAY from DtFld) as char(2)) || '/' ||
> CAST (EXTRACT (MONTH from DtFld) as char(2)) || '/' ||
> CAST (EXTRACT (YEAR from DtFld) as char(2)) ||
> ' Party ' ||
> PartyNameFld

Now, is it possible to have such a string stored in a separate
mNarrations table and converted to a (textmerged?) string...

>> 'Invoice no. 123 dtd. 19/11/20007
> >Party A.B.C. and Co.'

in the returned VARCHAR on the fly just as the SELECT statement is
executing. If so I would love to join the mNarrations table to the
invoice table and lo presto the narrations are there.

> >SELECT MySP() AS mNarration FROM InvTable WHERE ...

> Not like that. You can't execute the SP by selecting it from the
table. ;-)

Oh! SP is not used like one would a FireBird UDF

In a VFP UDF I have to have all the Parameters passed to it, it does
not know which record the SELECT is on. Is it so with FireBird SP, or
does SP know which is the current record(s) being evaluated by
FireBird and use the values straight (to generate such and more
complicated narration as in above examples)

Thanks for your continued responses.