Subject Re: GUID/Random number generation?
Author randallsell
> Take a look here:

that's helpful, thanx.

> > BTW- I can't used a Generator because these values are not internal.
> I don't quite understand this. You want the engine to create them, but
> they are not internal?

Did I write that? It must have been before my afternoon coffee...

what I meant by that is that I'm not using a GUID in how most people
use it - as a surrogate key. We use it to generate a password that is
given to the user. To keep my explaination short - let's just say that
these have to be unique. Yes I know - how can it be unique if only 7
characters? Well it can't. BUT I know that the number of users will
fall in the hundreds, not the millions, so if I run the routine enough
times, it will eventually get a unique value.

So, my end-goal is to create a unique 7 char entry. And my "plan" is
to call a stored procedure. The SP will use the UUIDLib you pointed me
to. And hopefully that does the trick.

but as I stated in some other post - the UUID/GUID is just a
quick/dirty way to get a 7 char string, which is then checked for
uniqueness. I am thinking that it would be just as easy if FB had a
random number generator and just generate 7 random alpha-numeric
values and use that. But since it doesn't (or will require a UDF
anyway) I might as well stick with the UUID approach.

KISS principle (keep it simple).

if anything else comes to mind, please advise. Otherwise thank you for
pointing me in the right direction. UDFs here we come...