Subject Re: Kill FB processes
Author Adam
--- In, "Stephen Boyd" <sboydlns@...>
> I am running a Windows 2003 server with FB 1.5.3 classic. I have a
> fb_inet_server process that appears the be dead and I believe that it
> is causing the OAT to be "stuck".
> What are the ramifications of simply killing the process?

Firstly, be careful, there will always be at least one
fb_inet_server.exe running under Windows when the server is running.
Don't mistake that for a connection.

If you are sure it is a connection, then killing the process will
cause any uncommitted transactions within that connection to be
abandoned. This will potentially leave a lot of garbage in your tables
if that connection had a lot of outstanding work to do.

I can not comment on the consequence of killing the connection to your
applications. Some will fail gracefully (maybe even reconnect
immediately), others will drag their heals kicking and screaming. It
just depends on whether the application programmers anticipated a
disconnection that the application itself does not initiate.

I don't imagine with forced writes that this could lead to any
corruption, but it would still be wise to take a backup before you do
kill it.

I run CS on my laptop, and if I write an application that goes AWOL, I
will frequently kill the Firebird process. But I don't really care too
much for my test databases, I would not do it on a production server
(and have never needed to) without the precautions outlined above.