Subject Re: SMP Support in Classic
Author ettotev
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> --- strandsofchaos wrote:
> > I'm sorry to ask about SMP as I see in a search that it's been talked
> > about time and time again, I just dont see what I'm looking for.
> Since this is a frequently asked question, maybe you shoul've searched
> the FAQ. There's one titled: "Does Firebird support SMP?"
> > to know has Classic always had support for SMP, if not what
> > version did it appear in?
> Since always ;)
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> David Richmond

This FAQ entry seems to be not [entirely] correct. Since I am not too
sure myself, would like to confirm it in this list.

According to Helen's book, Firebird superserver can use SMP on Linux.
(p.5). I am still not sure if the issue with Windows doesn't exist or
maybe exists, but is not so critical.

Respectively the CPUAffinityMask option is valid only on Windows. (see
the comment in firebird.conf).

Also the Classic server has not been available on Windows before
Firebird 1.5