Subject Re: problem part
Author Rick Roen
Thanks Helen,

I don't think that was it since DBWorkbench notifies you if you close
a table that has pending changes which I always did before pumping
the data.

Also I did it numerous times from scratch since I kept getting

Another thing was that I tried to import the data first and then
create the FK. In this case when I tried to commit the FK, the
message came up about the consitancy check, so I was unable to save.
I know the data did not violate the FK since I check via a query and
also the same data later worked after I restored the DB and then

I have more to do on this new DB, so I'll see if it happens again in
a way I can reproduce it.


> I think possibly the original problem arose because you didn't
commit the transaction that performed the DDL before starting to pump
in the data.
> internal gds software consistency check (partner index description
> not found (175))
> At that point the engine knew a foreign key had been requested but,
because it had not been committed, the enforcing index was not
created yet.
> Always keep DDL and DML in separate transactions and commit all DDL
before commencing any DML operations.
> ./heLen