Subject Re: Firebird and Delphi and a "Connection over Internet" - Problem ..
Author Adam
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<erich.wanker@...> wrote:
> Hello Newsgroup..
> how can i fix the problem in firbird sql 2.0 ?
> if i connect via Zeos Access (ZConnection) to the gdb over
> Internet , and
> the vpn connection will be lost for a second, my software shows an
> error
> after click on any record...

You should not write a WAN application in the same manner as a
client-server application. In a client-server environment, it is
probably safe to assume that the connection will be stable, but not
over a WAN.

Instead you probably need some sort of stateless service that you
establish connections to as needed, with appropriate capacity to
function 'offline'. There are lots of frameworks that help with this.

> the portforewarding and the VPN thing is no the problem and
> everything is
> running fine..
> ..just the VPN disconnect for a second once a day.. this is not a
> error -
> just a feature ;-)

Is it the same time each day or the same period of idle time? If so,
it may be a 'feature' of your router of VPN infrastructure that
disconnects idle clients. You may be able to add a simple 'heartbeat'
query in a timer every 30 minutes or so. This would make sure that the
router sees some traffic and hopefully prevent such a timeout.

Otherwise, if the changes to your application are too expensive, you
may be able to deliver it over terminal services to remove the
problems of the unreliable connection.