Subject Re: [firebird-support] File DateStamp - again
Author Milan Babuskov
Eduardo A. Salgado wrote:
> If I have a server that has more than one application connected to a
> given database and I observe a file datestamp on that database that is
> very old (say a few months back), is it OK not to panic because
> the "old" file stamp does not mean that the database has
> transactions "hanging" waiting to be posted? (FB v 1.5.x)
> Am I still correct in thinking that the date stamp is still "old"
> because the file datestamp does not get updated until the last
> connection to the db is closed? Even if we have done daily sweeps and
> gbaks, the transactions are being written to the file but the date
> will not change until the last connection is closed?

If you're on Windows, don't worry. If you're on Linux - panic!

On Windows, Firebird locks the database file, so while there are active
attachments (connections) you won't see any changes in file properties.

Milan Babuskov