Subject Re: gbak question
Author Adam
--- In, Thomas Løcke <thomas@...> wrote:
> Anderson Farias wrote:
> > I think shut down must take place *before* even backing up or when
> > restore you'll loose work done between backup and restore.
> >
> >
> This might be the dumbest question on the planet, but what is the
> correct way to shutdown Firebird?

The correct way is to put your database into a shutdown state. The
gfix tool lets you set/unset this. There are many options for how this
is done (eg prevent new connections, prevent new transactions,
actively kill connections). Keep in mind that shutting down the
database wont have any impact on SYSDBA or the database owner.

I can not tell you if you need to make additional allowances for the
gc thread in Superserver.