Subject Re: Selection/group order causes an error
Author cantak3
I realize the group by clause does nothing here because there's no
aggregate function being called. In my original post I did mention
that I DO have aggregates though. I have 2 count fields, and 6
summation fields. I have two non aggregage fields as well, the
smallint specified, and a cast of a field. When I received the
error, the group by clause was needed. I simply narrowed the error
down and down until I had a small reproduceable example that I could
send to the group. I do have an order by clause as well, but since
that wasn't causing the error, I did not display one.

Yes I know that by SQL standard, only ordinal/field name values are
allowed in the group by, however I believe that FB 2.0 supports full
expressions. My comment was only that I couldn't use the CAST
statement in the group by, and the ordinal values were failing
depending on order.