Subject Re: Batch deletes/inserts everyday-"problem" with backup with garbage collection
Author Zoran Zivkovic
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...>
> > We have IB ib server on Win98 PC.
> > We now have 3 remote sales points, and soon we will have few more.
> > What we are doing now is:
> >
> > Guys in remote sales points generate every evening DBF file with
> > their complete sales from the beining of the year. These DBF files
> > are becoming larger and larger (60.000 rows, 14000 rows and 16.000
> > rows this morning).
> > Here, in headquter of company, we have a table PJ inside our IB
> > database, and this table we empty every morning, and than fill it
> > again with fresh data (about 90.000 rows this morning, from 3
> > points).
> > During the day, I do 5 backups of database without garbage
> > and it last very short - about 90 seconds.
> > In the evening, the guys are responsible to do backup which do
> > garbage colection, and last evening it was stending 15 minutes
> > that it is processing table PJ. For this backup we use application
> > which uses IB services.
> >
> > OK, I hope I described problem good. Questions:
> > 1. Is it OK for BACKUP with Garbage colection to last so long on
> > table?
> > 2. Is there some other way to "import" these data from remote
> > so we could avoid these long delete/import/backup procedures ?
> >
> > Thanks and regards,
> >
> > Zoran Zivkovic
> Firstly, yes, you are deleting all ther recrods adn then inserting
them so
> garbage collection may easily take this time.
> Secondly, if these remote stations are online - you could replicate
> data. this would mean that you only ever insert new records and
never insert
> the whole year's data every night. By end of December your inserts/
> will be very large. With replication, your cycle would be real time
and very
> low bandwodth in comparison.
> Check for several replication tools.
> If this doesn't suit, then there are several "copy" systems which
may offer
> better solutions.
> Alan


thanks, but I don't know to use replication, and it seems very
complicated to me (I was reading about this). I think we will
continue in same way, untill we can.