Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error : "There is at least one record with
Author Dany M
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Dany M wrote:
>> IMHO a tool like IBExpert or any DB admin tool should not have the same
>> goal as a UI client for users.
> I generally agree with this.
>> If my application (that my clients use)
>> finds I missed a PK it will collect the RBD$DB_KEY
> No, it won't. You must have RDB$DB_KEY as part of the SELECT. It isn't
> automagically available.

Erm... Yes. *My* application does. But of course it does so by scrapping
the first query and construct a new one. And the editing will not be as
fun (or I should say desktop-like). And it consumes bandwidth to realize
this each time. And buffering will suffer after each commit retaining
since the DB_KEY values will change. So it's altogether a lousy idea.

>> If IBExpert did that
>> too, I would run the risk as a developer to miss these kind of things.
> IBExpert would have to add rdb$db_key to the query. I guess this is the
> main reason why it has editable data grid on a separate screen instead
> available in general query tool. (That is, if my memory servers well, as
> I haven't used IBE in more than a year now).

There's an editable grid both in "table" MDI and in SQL Editor MDI. The
OP could just write the query in the SQL window and go ahead.

>> Of course there are ways for a tool to notify, but I prefer my tool
>> shows
> Even better reason for tool to work as you say is that you'd probably
> want to replicate some of the changes you made in your database to
> client's production database. In those cases DB_KEY is useless and PK is
> the only reasonable solution.

Now there's a point.