Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error : "There is at least one record with same fields values "
Author Milan Babuskov
Dany M wrote:
> IMHO a tool like IBExpert or any DB admin tool should not have the same
> goal as a UI client for users.

I generally agree with this.

> If my application (that my clients use)
> finds I missed a PK it will collect the RBD$DB_KEY

No, it won't. You must have RDB$DB_KEY as part of the SELECT. It isn't
automagically available.

> If IBExpert did that
> too, I would run the risk as a developer to miss these kind of things.

IBExpert would have to add rdb$db_key to the query. I guess this is the
main reason why it has editable data grid on a separate screen instead
available in general query tool. (That is, if my memory servers well, as
I haven't used IBE in more than a year now).

> Of course there are ways for a tool to notify, but I prefer my tool
> shows

Even better reason for tool to work as you say is that you'd probably
want to replicate some of the changes you made in your database to
client's production database. In those cases DB_KEY is useless and PK is
the only reasonable solution.

Milan Babuskov