Subject Re: multithreaded application
Author piotr_3m
> then I wouldn't refer to this as local connection. It's a remote
> even though you are talking to a server on the same machine, it's
> in it's own process space so it's remote.

yes, thats what I meant, its remote on same machine, when I use
cpLocal the situation is even worse.

> You say that you "dropped IB_Session component" - I don't know what
you nean
> here. Did you right click on the datamodule and ensure the creation
order of
> the components? i.e. that IB_Session was first?
> Alan

Ok, i did everything as I found on the group. I use the newest IBO
4.6Bc components and still got problem. Creation order is rigth, Ive
got only one question. Does TIBODatabase provide different connection
for each thread? I use IB_Session with TIBODatabase but I couldnt find
example of it in multithreaded application.