Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error : "There is at least one record with same fields values "
Author Dany M
Nando Dessena wrote:
> Martijn,
> M> Heck, if you can't tell, how can you expect the guy (Firebird) to modify
> M> one if it cannot tell which one of the two you got (your two rows in the
> M> grid) was which box on the shelf?
> well, the mouse example is not that wrong. I'd probably expect the guy
> (IBExpert) to use the RDB$DB_KEY to update the record. It's certainly
> what I'll expect FlameRobin to do when it will learn to update rows
> automatically. :-)

IMHO a tool like IBExpert or any DB admin tool should not have the same
goal as a UI client for users. If my application (that my clients use)
finds I missed a PK it will collect the RBD$DB_KEY. If IBExpert did that
too, I would run the risk as a developer to miss these kind of things.
Of course there are ways for a tool to notify, but I prefer my tool
shows more of what is going on under the hood on the server than doing
smart things.

just my 5 cents, sorry for adding to this off-topic,