Subject RE: [firebird-support] multithreaded application
Author Alan McDonald
> Hello
> I have an application with 4 threads that connect to local FB 2.0 RC4

you say "local"
what's your connection string?
Do you use localhost:drive\path

> server. Every one of them uses its own datamodule and TIBODatabase
> component (so creates different session).
> Under heavy load I get 2 kinds of exections:
> 1. error -519 "prepare statement identifies a prepare statement with
> and open cursor"
> 2. Message: ISC ERROR CODE:335544727 ISC ERROR MESSAGE: Error
> writing data to the connection. STATEMENT: TIBOInternalDataset:
> "<TApplication>.dmObrobkaThr.DetailsQuery.IBOqrDetailsQuery." .
> I searched internet, interbase and firebird groups an I foud this:
> baseexpress/browse_frm/thread/eb6ea4712215a98e/c9fa347e2c4c8926?ln
> k=gst&q=&rnum=1#c9fa347e2c4c8926
> I use IBODataset decendant components, so it looks exactly like my
> problem. But I dont exactly understand what "Don't use array column
> definitions in your InterBase database. " means, and does it still is
> true to firebird. Please clarify what shouldn't I use to avoid this
> kind of exception by example.
> 1 more thing: the problem is much more often when i use Local
> connection. I read on this group that is sholudn't matter.
> Please help, I really couldnt find any solution.
> Best reghards
> Piotr