Subject Re: how to convert fdb database
Author fulviettinoo
> You can not treat a Firebird Database as if it was a word document.
> You have a service running on a server machine. Your client
> application (in this case Access) uses a connection library (in this
> case ODBC) which utilises the Firebird Client library. The client
> library talks to the service on the database server and requests the
> server to perform actions on behalf of the client application.
> In other words, unlike desktop database type engines, your client
> application does not directly touch the database file. While your fdb
> file may not have a password (whatever that means), you still need to
> establish a connection to the Firebird Service, and that requires a
> username / password.
> If you are using ODBC, have you confirmed that your DSN is working?
> The Database edit box should look something like:
> localhost:c:\MyDatabase.fdb
> (replace localhost with the hostname of the Firebird Database Server.
> The path is relative to the database server, not the client. It may
> also be an alias if that has been defined in aliases.conf.)
> Make sure you try the Test Connection button to ensure that side is
> Adam

first of all thanks for ur answer.
I have to apologize for my questions but I'm quite a newbie in this
field and this is the first time I'm working with firebird database.
At the end I find out some components (IBO) to work with firebird
through delphi and this for me is much easier :)
Thanks again,